In order to use Rethink Pay, you must include the compiled JavaScript and CSS files on your website.

Installing With Live Link.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

Manual Installation

We strongly recommend that you use either RethinkPay's Live Link. This will make it easier for you to deploy your project in different environments, and easily update Rethink Payment when new versions are released. Nonetheless if you prefer to integrate Rethink Pay into your project manually, you can download js and css file to the dist directory into your project.
Include the compiled files in your page:

<link href="path/to/style.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="path/to/rethink-pay.js"></script>

Some Extra CSS And JS Required Files.

<!-- js files --> <script src=""></script>


<h1 class="rethink-title">Rethink Pay</h1> <!-- payment button --> <div id="rethink_payment" data-token-id="ZyA6RM0FgRNAirv7oG0YFXRQRkiXChLM"></div>
After installation you can see payment button like as shown in below image.

Clicking on the payment button will opens the popup as shown in the below image.


Attribute Value Description




You can get the PaymentToken from the OnRamp API response.

Note: For any queries you must visit FAQ page